Who Are We?

I am Bill Sharer, your guide on this journey. First, let me tell you I am not an attorney, CPA or Broker of any kind. I am just a guy with life experience who has been helping people with financial literacy for 25 years.

While I was in the Army my wife and I did a pretty good job of managing our finances. We were never late on a bill and we only bought things we could afford. When I left the Army we had almost no debt. We had a quite reasonable mortgage, NO credit card debt, our cars were paid for and we had 2 years pay in the bank.

Then we decided to build some assets. We opened a Gourmet Popcorn shop. It seemed like a good idea, there are few of these in the country, so competition was limited. It did not cost much to acquire the equipment and we had a solid business plan (we thought). One year later we were completely broke. I went to work for Taco Bell just to pay the bills that were chronically late by now.

With the lessons learned in our failure we started to put ourselves back together. While we didn’t know it at the time, we were using the Money Transformation system. After struggling for a few years we were able to buy a new business, the Credit Bureau of Farmington. Now we have an asset that actually pays us instead of the popcorn shop that bled us dry. We know this works because we did it, we taught others to do it and they succeeded. This is the best plan we have ever seen to help people get to where they want to go.

First, I want to let you know, you are not financially lost; you are exactly where your mental programming sent you.

If you want to be somewhere else then you need to reprogram you mind. The Money Transformation System not only gives you the financial information you need, it helps guide you through the process of reprogramming your mind. Other financial classes just put band aids on your situation. The Money Transformation System strives to heal your financial woes.

If you are like most people you have received some kind of call demanding money; maybe from a collection agency or maybe just from a business. You regularly struggle to pay your bills even though you have a job. Actual wealth may seem well out of your reach. This just makes you a normal American.

As the owners of a debt collection agency we found many people who were in the same position we found ourselves years ago, with financial struggles. These were people just like you, people with varied economic backgrounds, including people in every tax bracket. Some of these people had really good jobs or were even business owners. This is when we began researching how good people find themselves in this predicament. What we found was most money problems can be solved with some basic financial information, even if you are not one of the people with a good paying job. We started this class to help the consumers we were working with to find a path to success.

We used to teach these classes live over a four week period. The reason for this time schedule was to give people time to do the homework. The homework is the key to success. While some people got it and really improved their financial well-being, some people simply did not. So we began our quest to find out why.

Here is what we found: all of us need mental reprogramming if we are not where we want to be. Logically we can all see that spending less money than we make is all that needs to be done, yet most fail. Mental programming is the real key to success. Only the Money Transformation System includes this important step. We will not shame you by demanding unreasonable actions or will power. We understand you are unique and there is not a “one size fits all” financial solution. We will help you find YOUR path.

Do the homework and you will succeed!

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