Corporate Classes

When employees have financial difficulties, that impacts your business’s bottom line:

  • Lost Productivity
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Absenteeism
  • Garnishments
  • Turnover

A few facts:

  • 44% of Americans cannot cover a $400 emergency (Federal Reserve)
  • Estimate 65% of San Juan county cannot
  • Nearly 80% of Americans cannot cover a $3000 emergency event (i.e. auto transmission)
  • What emergency can YOUR staff cover?

Financially stressed employees cost a company 20 hours per-month/per-employee on-the-job lost time:

60% -80% of on-the-job accidents are stress related! Personal Financial Stress in a significant contributing factor.  40% of Employee turnover is stress related
Financially stressed people look to change jobs, and pressure from debts is the prime driver. Without new skills they just create new financial problems.

Did you just hire them? What will it cost YOU rehire/retrain? – The national average $3000 -$13,000.

It costs to your HR department to:

  • Handle calls from debt collectors
  • Process wage garnishments
  • Help employees file bankruptcy
  • Process advanced wages

What does it cost YOUR HR department? The National average is 10% of HR costs

You and your company can benefit from financially sound employees. Let us show you how.

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About our Corporate Trainers

Bill Sharer has been helping people with financial literacy for 25 years.

He and his wife own Credit Bureau of Farmington. He has used the Money Transformation system successfully on himself and his family, and a lot of customers and students in his classes. "We know this works because we did it, we taught others to do it and they succeeded. This is the best plan we have ever seen to help people get to where they want to go." Read more about him here.

Candace Myler is a Myler Financial Coach, and is a Financial Peace University instructor.  She was inspired to work on Total Money Makeover after life with six children and a mountain of debt made her re-think money handling and debt, "We were the typical American debt story with multiple loans and maxed out credit cards...I know now how to help people change and get their debt in control." She is is also a Registered Nurse for the VA - Love My Vets, and is an Airbnb host of Me Casa es Su Casa.